Personal Message From Eric Penn

The Most Important Juror - A Counterintuitive Approach to Telling the Winning Story in the Courtroom
November 14 - November 15, 2019
Sheraton Gunter Hotel
San Antonio, TX

My good friend Jesse Wilson and I are excited to invite you to a program that we, along with an all-star lineup of engaging and proven trial lawyers from across the country, are presenting November 14-15 in San Antonio called “The Most Important Juror.” You may have seen the brochure for this program with the picture of me staring at myself in the mirror. That image symbolizes the starting point in a case and trial for me: you have to get the guy or gal staring back at you in the mirror on board with your case first before you can tell your client’s story in a way that leads your audience to where you need them to be. 

So how do you do that?  The answer for us is to start with these two inextricably intertwined questions: “What is this case about?” and “Why should I care?”

We don’t believe in formulaic or cookie cutter approaches to anything in trial work.  Every client, every judge, every case and every trial lawyer is too different for formulas to be of much use.  But we do believe that when you enroll yourself as a juror in your case and put in the work to answer these two questions, you will start to see as a trial lawyer the roadmap to guide your fellow jurors to the same place that has convinced the Most Important Juror that this is a winning case.  This is the process of “arming the Most Important Juror.”  We will explore a variety of different techniques, from different yet successful trial lawyers, to help you learn how to arm your most important juror in all types of injury cases.  

If you haven’t already had the chance, you need to meet Jesse Wilson.  Jesse is not a lawyer.  He is a consultant with a background in theatre and communications who works with trial lawyers.  Much like the great Josh Karton, Jesse’s experience, skill set and insight are something that every trial lawyer should have the opportunity to benefit from.  Jesse will be sharing a lot of invaluable training for trial lawyers from his theatre work.  

Whether we realize it or not, we are all storytellers.  Judges and juries are our audiences.  The intersection of Jesse’s world and our world holds fascinating possibilities for us as storytellers.  He has a body of experience in telling stories that we don’t normally have access to.  Imagine what we can learn from a trained and talented professional storyteller whose compassion for our work and our clients matches our own. 

Jesse’s fond of asking, “What’s the difference between a crap production of Hamlet and a brilliant production of Hamlet?” The script doesn’t change… It’s You! That’s the power of the theatrical experience when woven into whatever stage you’re performing on—whether it’s the courtroom or Broadway. The secret to a winning performance is believing in the truth of whatever you’re presenting.  It’s first finding that place within YOU—the most important juror—where the story lives and then letting the truth of the story guide everything you do.

Join us along with Pat Ardis, Jim Fitzgerald, Pete Kestner, Tom Metier, Emily Hawk Mills, Dan Munley, and Andy Young as we take a deep dive into the exploration of the skills and fundamentals that have proven to be invaluable in crafting opening and closing narratives that engage judge and jury and deliver the kind of emotional impact that influences significant jury verdicts, including our Blake v. Werner trial that Jesse and I worked together on.  Learn storytelling insights for all phases of trial from the talented and experienced faculty.  Our collective desire in this program is to further you along your storytelling journey by exploring how to find the emotional connection to your case to effectively communicate “what this case is really about,” and “why you should care” to your next judge and jury.
I look forward to seeing you there.  It’s gonna be fun!

Best regards,